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Algazel - Wikipedia
De algazel (Oryx dammah), ook wel sabelantilope of sabeloryx genoemd, is een antilope. Kenmerken. Het dier is vrij groot, weegt tot meer dan 200 kg en bereikt een hoogte van 1,60 meter. De lichaamslengte bedraagt 150 tot 240 cm en de staartlengte 45 tot 90 cm. De vacht is lichtbruin, met een vage streep onderlangs de flank.

Al-Ghazali - Wikipedia
Life. The believed date of al-Ghazali's birth, as given by Ibn al-Jawzi, is AH 450 (1058/9). Modern estimates place it at AH 448 (1056/7), on the basis of certain statements in al-Ghazali's correspondence and autobiography. He was a Muslim scholar, law specialist, rationalist, and spiritualist of Persian descent. He was born in Tabaran, a town in the district of Tus, Khorasan (now part of Iran ...

Scimitar oryx - Wikipedia
Taxonomy and naming. The scimitar oryx is a member of the genus Oryx and the family Bovidae.The German naturalist Lorenz Oken first described it in 1816, naming it Oryx algazel.The nomenclature has undergone various changes since then, with the introduction of names like Oryx tao, O. leucoryx, O. damma, O. dammah, O. bezoarticus and O. ensicornis.In 1826, Philipp Jakob Cretzschmar used the ...

Objects in Scene disappear when I zoom it - Unity Forum
The core issue is that Unity does some peculiar things with the camera position and FOV when zooming using the mousewheel. This affects all kinds of weird things such as how fast you move through the scene with WASD navigation controls as well as stuff like frustrum culling / clipping distance (the point of this topic).

Algae - definition of algae by The Free Dictionary
al·ga (ăl′gə) n. pl. al·gae (-jē) Any of numerous photosynthetic organisms of aquatic or moist habitats, ranging in size from single-celled diatoms to large seaweeds such as kelp, and characterized by a lack of complex organs and tissues. Once classified within the plant kingdom, the algae are now considered to include several unrelated groups ...

Algazara - significado de algazara diccionario
Definición de algazara en el Diccionario de español en línea. Significado de algazara diccionario. traducir algazara significado algazara traducción de algazara Sinónimos de algazara, antónimos de algazara. Información sobre algazara en el Diccionario y Enciclopedia En Línea Gratuito. 1 . s. f. Ruido de voces de una o varias personas que denotan alegría o diversión la algazara de la ...

Dispositivi - Forum
Dispositivi. Subforums. Alcatel. 11 discussioni; 338 risposte; Alcatel 5 [OFFICIAL] Da Algazel; 19 Aug 2018; Apple

Algebra | Definition of Algebra by Merriam-Webster
Algebra definition is - a generalization of arithmetic in which letters representing numbers are combined according to the rules of arithmetic.

Filosofía islámica - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Algazel. Al-Ghazālī que se escribe: أَبُو حَامِد الغَزَالِيّ, latinizado como Algazel. Nació en Irán el 5 de julio de 1057 y falleció el 19 de diciembre de 1111), teólogo, jurista, filósofo y místico de origen persa.

Polihisztor – Wikipédia
A polihisztor kifejezés alapvetően olyan tudóst jelöl, aki többféle tudományágat kutat és önmaga is kiemelkedő új felfedezésekkel, felismerésekkel gazdagítja az emberiség tudományos ismereteit. Manapság azokat a sokrétű műveltséggel rendelkező embereket is polihisztornak nevezzük, akik különböző tudományos illetve kulturális területeken rendelkeznek kiemelkedő ...